Read Nehemiah 11:15-36 As we learned in yesterday’s reading, after the Jews rebuilt the wall, they didn’t all just move back into Jerusalem. Some returned to where they were before they started rebuilding the wall and others relocated. They were Jewish people who lived inside the city walls as well as Jews who were scattered around the outskirts of the city. In this passage, we see that they were living in a number of different places and were carrying out many different duties. However, one thing is true, they were all contributing to what God wanted to do in and around Jerusalem and with His people. Most of the time, we miss the big picture of what God is doing around us. We get so focused on what we’re doing, that we forget that God is not only working in our lives, but he is working in lives all around us. He’s also working in other churches all around us. Churches shouldn’t be competing with each other, they should be celebrating with each other because we are all on the same team. Action Step: Find a family member or a friend who attends a different church. Ask them what God is doing at their church and celebrate with them. Today’s Prayer: Pray for the church of the individual who you talk to today. Also, pray for God to do big things this Easter season at C3 AND at the other area churches. Pray that God will use all of us to change our community for Him. —————————————————————————– Go to for more information about C3’s Change Your World in 52 Days Series and challenge.]]>