Read Nehemiah 11:12-21 Among the group returning to Jerusalem were several priests who had returned to the city with Zerubbabel years before the city walls were rebuilt. This group of priests helped Zerubbabel rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem which had also been destroyed. While Nehemiah played a huge role in rebuilding the city of Jerusalem by rallying the people to rebuild the city walls, he was only one piece of the puzzle. God used a number of people to rebuild Jerusalem. He used Nehemiah and all the people to rebuild the city walls, Zerubbabel in overseeing the process of rebuilding the temple, and Ezra who played a huge role in helping the city to turn back to God spiritually. While each of these people knew that the work they were doing was very important, they also realized that they were part of a bigger plan God was putting in place to rebuild the city. Like Nehemiah, Zerubbabel, and Ezra, we all have a very important role in what God wants to do around us. But, we always need to remember that we are not alone. There are people all around us who are working hard to see God do great things around them as well. This means we need to slow down and encourage those people every now and then. Other times, it means we need to allow ourselves to be encouraged by other people. And, sometimes, like in the case of Nehemiah, it means working directly with other people to see God do even more amazing things in the world around us. Action Step: If you haven’t done so already, pick out a few people to invite to Easter at C3. If you have already picked some people out to invite, decide how and when you are going to invite them to C3. Today’s Prayer: Pray for the people who are going to be invited to church this Easter Sunday that God would help them be open to coming to church.]]>