Read: Proverbs 28
As we know, chapters 25-29 were arranged by King Hezekiah’s men some 250 years after the time of King Solomon. The first part (chapters 25-27) is for people who serve under leaders, but this second part (chapters 28-29) is aimed at people who are the leaders. What’s more, the literary design of this section is fascinating! It contains 28 proverbs, with 14 in the first half and 14 in the second. Each half begins with a proverb about lions (verses 1 and 15). One of them is a good lion, the other is bad. One is bold and dignified, and the other one just huffs and puffs. The lion, of course, is a symbol of a leader. Which type will you be? One who uses their position of authority to protect others, or one who uses leadership for selfish advantage? The wise and righteous leader, according to this chapter, will demonstrate a heart of compassion. Look at how many times the poor and oppressed are referenced in this chapter. The one who cares for the less privileged shows true dignity, but cursed is the one who hides his eyes from the poor (verse 27). You may not view yourself as a ruler or leader, but we all lead to some degree, even if it is just among friends and family. Let these proverbs challenge how you lead your life today.