Read: Proverbs 29
This is the last installment of wise sayings assembled by the men of Hezekiah. This chapter begins with a lesson on teachability— one of the greatest values of the wise. The wise must be able to listen and receive correction (see verse 1). Look ahead at how the collection ends. We are told to fear the Lord above any other human because it is from Him that all justice truly comes (verses 25-26). Teachability and trusting God: these two values frame everything in this chapter. Between these opening and closing proverbs is a strong emphasis on self-control. A wise leader must be able to lead themselves if they want to lead others. Leading those under our authority (particularly children) is not an option; it is a requirement in order to enjoy the sweet fruit of wisdom (verses 15 and 17). Consider these three virtues: teachability, restraint, and trust in God. What theme is the Lord asking you to pay more attention to?