Read: Proverbs 31
In chapter 31 we hear from the second non-Israelite. Like Agur, Lemuel is a wise son, but unlike Agur, Lemuel is also a king. This is “an oracle” of Lemuel (verse1). We don’t know anything about Lemuel, such as where or when he was a king, but just as chapter 30 opened with Agur’s short autobiography (30:1-9), Lemuel begins with his own as well (31:1-9). We learn that all his wisdom came from his mother, who warned him about women and wine, and instilled in him the high value of advocating for the poor and needy. Women are very important throughout Proverbs as we saw the very idea of wisdom personified as a woman (chapters 1-9). This final poem continues this theme by creating a portrait of a particular wise woman who shows true, deep understanding. This 22-verse poem is designed as another Hebrew alphabet poem. Each line begins with a new letter and shows how this woman embodies wisdom from A to Z. She blesses her household and is praised by her family. Just as we met Lady Wisdom at the beginning of Proverbs, it is a fitting conclusion to see this portrait of a wise woman who blesses her household and earns the praise of her family. It is a compelling vision of a life devoted to the wisdom and blessing of the LORD. How has your life been shaped by wisdom? What areas still need to be aligned with God’s wisdom? This marks the end of our time in Proverbs. This whole book is an exploration on how to live well in God’s good world. Come back to this book again and again as you build a life on the foundation of God’s wisdom.