Jeremiah 29:11-14 When Jesus was born, God gave many signs that there was something special about this baby. There was a star overhead, he pointed shepherds and wise men to a baby wrapped in cloths lying in a manger, and, oh yeah, there were angels singing. For those that were there that night, it was clear that they were witnessing the birth of an amazing individual. Even though we typically don’t get visions from God, have Him audibly talking to us, or other supernatural signs in today’s world, God still wants to make Himself clear to those people who are looking for Him. The Bible tells us that those who seek Him will find Him. We miss God and what He’s doing in our life so often because we simply aren’t looking for Him. If we take time to look for God in the midst of our everyday lives – both the good, bad, and ugly of our lives – we may just see God more clearly than we could have ever thought possible.]]>