John 1:9-14 One of my biggest pet peeves in the world is “the silent treatment.” You know what I am talking about…when someone gets mad at you, and they decide to give you the cold shoulder. They ignore you or are very short with you. They make sure it is well known that they are upset, but they insist that everything is fine. There are few more frustrating things than when someone is disconnected and giving you the silent treatment. Many people get upset at God because they think that He is some distant deity who is disconnected from our life and ignores our troubles and chooses to give us the cold shoulder. Nothing could be further from the truth, though. God is intensely interested and involved in your life. He wants a deep, meaningful relationship with you. Even when it feels like He’s absent, God hasn’t forgotten about you or given up on you. He still cares about you, loves you, and has an amazing plan for your life. The next time you feel like God is distant or uninterested in your life, remember that, no matter what, He is there for you even when he feels absent]]>