Read: Psalms 119:9-16

When you believe a scripture, lust has no strength against it. Scripture does to lust what kryptonite does to Superman. It weakens the grip of lust on your mind and can make it quickly flee from your heart. Remember, lust is your flesh. The Word of God can kill your flesh and heal you at the same time—like nothing else on this planet!

Scripture does to lust what kryptonite does to Superman

For scripture to achieve its designed purpose, you must believe. Use a concordance to find and study Bible verses with these words: “lust,” “covetousness,” “adultery,” and “flesh.” Stockpile scriptures containing those words in your arsenal. You might also find it helpful to add to your arsenal scriptures on love, holiness, sanctification, or other positive words to give you a boost in fighting this war.Once you find a scripture that works for you, there are several principles you can use to apply it to your life.

1. Read it daily.
2. Put it in your phone or use it as a screen saver.
3. Memorize it. Finally, pray it to God.

Whatever principle you choose to use with the scripture, be consistent. Let its truth become true to your heart. When you and scripture believe the same way, you begin to manifest the mind of Christ. Scripture can be a very powerful and ever expanding tool to encourage a lust-free lifestyle.