Read: Acts 2:14-41

In Acts 2, Peter gets the opportunity to share the Gospel with a large crowd of Jews in Jerusalem. With the other disciples there supporting him, Peter outlines for the Jews how Jesus fulfilled all of their predictions about the Messiah, the one who would be their Savior. Peter makes sharing the Gospel look easy, but too often I clam up when talking to someone about Jesus. I know I’m not alone. The fact that He died for our sin is the most beautiful truth I’ve ever known. But in our daily lives, when we’re interacting with friends, family and coworkers, talking to people about Jesus can feel awkward. A great way to start building your confidence is by building relationships in the church. The more isolated you are from other believers, the more awkward sharing is going to become. Associating with like-minded people naturally creates confidence. When you interact with others who believe in God’s Word, you’re reminded that you’re not alone in this journey. Jesus didn’t call one or two apostles. In calling 12, he created a community for His followers long before they understood the glory that was to come. He built a community centered on the Gospel. There is power in the Gospel. One of the best things we can do as a community of believers is build each other’s confidence in that truth.]]>