: Luke 9:23-24

The quarterback surrenders to the coach’s offensive system. The boxer is nothing without the people in his corner. If we’re serious about fitness, we submit to a trainer. Spiritual training is the same way. We surrender to be strong.
If you did the Strong Challenge, you just spent six weeks surrendering to God. You put your own agenda aside for part of the day and spent time responding, studying, playing, serving and talking with God. This is what Jesus refers to in Luke 9:23 when he says deny yourself and follow him. Because in the moments we choose to be with God–when we check in with our coach–our selfishness falls by the wayside. We’re reminded of our role and we stay present in the game.
The more we check in, the more instinctive it becomes. Each time, we grow stronger.
Think about your Strong Challenges. What did you deny yourself as you did them? Maybe it was skipping a meal or interrupting your schedule. Maybe you denied yourself by refusing to worry, ambushing someone with love or by replacing drudgery with play. You’ve had great practice surrendering. Today, try it again.