Read: Job 1:21

When you hit a setback, it’s okay to tell God you’re mad, you’re sad, or you’re depressed. It’s okay to express all your emotions to God. Just don’t get bitter.  Bitterness is saying you don’t trust God when troubles hit. It’s like a poison that will tear your life apart if you let it.  Job endured all kinds of problems. He lost his family, his fortune, and his health. But instead of becoming bitter, he kept his focus on the big picture.

Job understood that God was still in control even though everything else seemed to be falling apart.  When setbacks come your way—and they most certainly will come—you must focus on the fact that God has your big picture in mind. Many things will change in your life. Your faith will be tested and tried.  Like Job, you haven’t been promised a perfect life. You likely won’t get an explanation when setbacks come. But you can choose to trust God anyway. No matter what setbacks you face, trust the truth that:

● God will never stop loving you.
● God has a plan for your life.
● God cares about every detail of your life.
● God is in control of things even when you don’t understand it.
● God will protect you.

You can base your life on these five truths when everything else falls apart.