1 Timothy 4:10-12 “What do you want for dinner?” It’s probably the question I hate to hear the most from my wife.  I know when she poses this question, we’re in for a lengthy cycle of “it doesn’t matter to me, what do you want?”  No one wants to step up and make a decision…or make dinner. Our culture struggles because of a lack of leadership.  Families struggle because no one will lead.  Relationships suffer because no one will step up as a leader.  Jesus asks us to follow Him and be more like Him, but He also asks us to help lead others there as well. We need leaders to step up in our culture and lead people to Jesus. Make sure that you are following of, but lead others to him as well. What would stepping up and leading others as you follow Jesus look like in your life? READ THROUGH THE NEW TESTAMENT Today’s Reading: Acts 18]]>