Daily Reading: John 1:14

Big Idea This Week:
It Takes A Village

Questions to think about:
One description of Jesus is that He is God spelling Himself out in a language human beings can understand. God did reveal something of His character through His actions in history, recorded in the Old Testament. But this was a prelude to His final expression of Himself through His son, Jesus.

God, at the first Christmas, made His home amidst the human race and entered into the mess and muck and mystery of life on earth.

Amidst all the right and proper delight of the Christmas events, and all the glory and might of the resurrection, we need to remember that Jesus’ visit to earth was no holiday. God showed Himself in Jesus, to be full of ‘unfailing love and faithfulness’. If we ever want to know what God is like, we need look at Jesus—not just the baby Jesus, not just the Jesus at the right hand of God. But the Jesus who walked and talked amongst the common people of His day.

God didn’t stay in heaven and bid us play guessing games as to His character. Nor did He suggest we read profound philosophical texts on religion. He didn’t even invite us to look deep within and find Him inside us. Instead, He showed up in person, yet in a form we could appreciate. He made His home with us so we might, one day, find our home with Him.

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