Daily Reading: Luke 1:59

Big Idea This Week:
If you don’t set your priorities, then someone else will.

Questions to think about:
When we first found out we were having a son, the next big question was always, “have you decided on a name?” We originally told everyone with excitement that we were going with the name Tayden. However, we soon realized that most people (including some family) had strong opinions on what “we” should name “our” child. In Luke chapter 1 we see that not much has changed in the last few thousand years. It looks like everyone already had plans for Elizabeth and Zechariah’s son also including his name.

Remember…everyone has priorities for their lives and for yours. That’s why it’s so important to set your priorities. If you don’t set your priorities, someone else will.

Money, work, school, friends, and family are all good and necessary. But if we let them take priority in our lives, are we loving God with all our heart, soul, and mind? Today, when we have the Internet at our fingertips, and if we have extra income to spend as we like, discernment is needed, and we must be careful not to get distracted and chase things that really aren’t worth it.

Are there things in life—even good things that maybe shouldn’t be your top priorities? Things that distract you from following Jesus?

Need help coming up with better priorities?  Download the Priorities Worksheet