James 1:2-4 I’ve always thought oxymorons such as found missing, sanitary landfill, almost exactly, pretty ugly, definitely maybe, exact estimate, working vacation, and terribly pleased were funny. They often make so little sense that they are actually funny. In James, it says that we should “consider it pure joy…whenever you face trials.” This makes absolutely no sense to most of us. Why would we want to celebrate the tough times that we encounter in life? Celebrate trials? Sounds like an oxymoron. But, this is the way God works. The Bible tells us that trials test our faith, and when our faith is tested, it produces perseverance in our life. In fact, James says that in order to be a “mature and complete” follower of Jesus, we have to have the perseverance that only comes from going through hardships in our lives. As much as it stinks to go through tough times, we also need to realize that God is often wanting to do big things in our life through those trials. He will not only help us through these difficult situations, but he will also help us turn the darkest moments of our lives into opportunities to do the most amazing things. How do you think God can use the tough trials you have been through or are going through now?]]>