Matthew 13:7,22 One of the absolute worst feelings in the world is to not be able to breathe. It doesn’t matter if it is because you are choking on food, drowning underwater, or someone has their hands around your neck, the feeling of slowly losing oxygen is terrifying. Unfortunately, this is how life can feel sometimes. All the different things we have to worry about slowly wrap around us and begin to suck the life out of us bit by bit.  The biggest shame of it all is that we often bring it on ourselves. The Bible says that “the worries of this life and the deceitfulness of wealth” choke us out and prevent us from living the life that God has given us to live. We get so caught up in focusing on things we think will make our lives better, things that we think will “save us” in some weird way, but, in reality, most of the time, the things we are looking to save us are actually the things that are killing us. If you aren’t as close to God as you once were, maybe it is because you’ve allowed yourself to get preoccupied with things that will choke the life out of you. Make a decision today that you are going to stand up and fight by refocusing your life on God and the life that He has created you to live.]]>