Psalm 112 Happiness. It’s a word we throw around a lot. We always talk about wanting to be happy, or how we just want someone to be happy. For all the talk about happiness and all we do to try to get it, little thought is actually given to what it means to be truly happy. Sure, there are things we think will make us happy (money, things, that job, that unhealthy relationship, etc), but is stuff really God’s design for something that will make us happy? We trust things for happiness because we don’t know what we have in Christ. The happiness that comes from a deep relationship with Chris far surpasses anything that mere things, be it money, possessions, or power, can provide. True happiness isn’t a promise that things will always be “a-okay,” but it is a contentment in knowing that, even when things aren’t working out, everything is still going to be okay. Do you consider yourself a happy person? Do you typically look to God for  your happiness or to money and things?]]>