Isaiah 44:14-15, 17-20 When most of us read this passage from Isaiah, we think it is stupid for someone to bow down and worship something he himself created. It’s like making something out of playdough and then calling it God. As ridiculous as that might sound, this is actually what we do with most of our lives. We create things to worship. It might be some possession (a car, a phone, a house, etc), money, a position, or any number of things. We pick things out and worship them with our life. We spend our time, resources, and skills on things that that, whether we realize it or not, we’ve deemed more important than God. Most of the things we have or do in life aren’t necessarily bad. However, we often elevate  things in our life above the Lord of our life. What thing do you worship in your life above God? What can you change in your life to make how you live match up with your relationship with Jesus?]]>