Read: Luke 5:4-5

Sometimes the simplest step from setback to comeback is just two words: Obey God.  God may have told you to do something that seems illogical and foolish. It makes no sense financially, relationally, or emotionally. Worse yet, you’re scared to death. But God says to do it anyway. For the past couple of days, we’ve been looking at a story from the Bible about a setback. In Luke 5, Simon Peter and Andrew had been fishing all night and caught nothing. It was an awful setback.

But Jesus came by and used their boat to preach. Then he told them to fish again.  It was completely illogical. It made no sense to these professional fishermen. But Jesus said to go out deeper and drop their net.  Why did Jesus say to go deeper? Because that required the biggest risk. There’s no faith without risk.  Simon Peter did what Jesus told him to do. He didn’t do it because it was a smart or popular idea. He did it because God said to do it. He didn’t argue or hesitate. And God gave Simon Peter and Andrew a bigger business success than they could have dreamed.

But none of that happened until Simon Peter obeyed Jesus—even when it was illogical.  What has God told you to do that you’re not doing?  Does it seem impossible? Does it make little sense financially? Is he telling you to go into the deep water?  Even if it doesn’t make sense to you, God wants you to take a risk and obey him. Once you obey, God will take care of the rest. Your best days are on the other side of your obedience.