Read Psalm 16:7-11

It’s inevitable. Every Christmas, I either give or receive a Christmas gift that requires an advanced degree in engineering to put it together. These gifts usually seem like a great idea at the time, but, by the time there are 12,000 pieces of the thing laying out in the living room, the excitement tends to wear off. This past week, I was assembling one of these gifts, and, to save time, I decided to go ahead and follow the directions. Everything was going smooth until I couldn’t get one of the nuts to screw onto a bolt. I tried over and over again for what seemed like a half hour. I was growing frustrated and was ready to begin my annual declaration of “worst gift ever!” when someone suggested I simply try the bolt in the opposite direction. Turns out, I was trying to get the bolt to work in the exact opposite direction to get it to do what I wanted it to do.

This is how I have lived my life at some points in my past. I have a destination in mind, and I get dissapointed when I don’t get there. Reality, though, is that I often don’t go in the direction I need to go to get there. At times, my actions and decisions have actually led me away from where I wanted to be. I have good intentions, but I don’t follow through. Direction, not intention, determines destination.

Every path we take in life has a destination. It’s up to us to determine what path we need to be on to get to our desired end point. Just like you can’t take off driving north of here and expect to get to the beach, you can’t take off on a completely different way than what God wants for you to go and expect things to work out the right way in your life. It’s not enough to just mean well or intend to do something, you actually have to choose to go in the direction of your destination.

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