Philippians 3:8-9 If you’ve ever been on tri-state pickers on facebook, you know how many items get posted every day and how the conversations can quickly spin out of control. Last year, my wife decided she was going to sell our couch on pickers. I snapped a few photos, and she posted it. Within a few minutes, people started chiming in with questions. I was confused when I came across a question that asked if the couch was green. I laughed because, in the picture, you can clearly see the couch is gray. My wife assured me that it had a hint of green. Not too long after than, someone asked if the couch was tan. Depending on what kind of light it was in, the couch could look gray, tan, or even green. Often times, we get paralyzed by fear that we’re not living in God’s will and that we will never truly discover what His will is for us. We think by making one wrong decision or one wrong turn, we will throw off the course of our entire life. But, just like how my couch could take on different colors depending on the light around it, God’s will for you can look different depending on where you are. Discovering God’s will for our lives is the most important thing any of us can do in our lives.  God can take any decision we make and teach us and guide us from there.  Do not let fear of making a wrong choice keep you from living life to its fullest.]]>