Proverbs 10:4-5 Have you ever seen the commercials on tv for Throughout the year, they have campaigns that encourage individuals to become more involved in their communities.  One of their most recent campaigns was encouraging a peanut-butter and jelly drive throughout the company.  It was a huge success that helped to stock food pantries across the country at a time when the shelves were pretty bare.  They have had several other successful campaigns as well.  The best part about, though, is that it raises awareness of areas of struggle in a community and gives a suggestion for people to help ease the burden. Just as we can help with concerns in our community by doing something, the same is true when we are seeking to live out God’s purpose for ourselves.  God doesn’t magically come to us and shows us a map of His will for our lives, but we can often start to discover what He wants us to do by just simply doing something. We can take advantage of opportunities to volunteer, seek out opportunities to lead, take a leap of faith and do something outside our comfort zone, ask questions, or take a class on something that interests us.  Whatever you do can become God’s will if you do it God’s way. What’s something small you can do today to begin or continue doing to discover God’s will in your life?]]>