Psalm 37:4 When you first start dating someone, you are always on your “A” game.  You try to show the object of your affection how much you care by sending flowers, cooking extravagant meals, dressing your very best, and sending messages throughout the day.  You do the little things that mean a big deal when you’re beginning a relationship.  When you desire someone and a relationship with them, you put in a great deal of effort and time. Once things settle down, though, we don’t quite put in as much effort. When we are trying to live out God’s will for our life, we must first desire God.  The beauty of living God’s will is that the more you live his will, the more you desire to live his will.  Sometimes we believe that if we just love God we will easily adapt to His will He will make all of our dreams come true.  However, God doesn’t end up fulfilling our desires; He instills His desires in us. We truly are living out His purpose for us when our desires and passions line up with His desires for the world. Dig in to God’s word and discover how your desire for God translates into living His will in your life.]]>