Read: Matthew 19:26

Just a few short years ago, my wife and I found ourselves on a journey of heartbreak and pain as we struggled to start our family. Friends were having their first kid, then their second … and we were still asking God why we couldn’t get pregnant. Four years later, of course we can see our journey of infertility was all part of a bigger plan. It turned into something so much more than we could have ever imagined. But before the miracle, what got us through the pain? Our small group.

They loved us like Jesus and joined us in carrying the pain and the disappointment each and every day. They tangibly demonstrated Psalm 34:18 for us. We experienced God’s comfort every step of the way as the Holy Spirit moved in our small group.

Because of their support, we went public with our journey and were able to share God’s message of hope with other couples who thought they were alone in this struggle. But God didn’t just stop there. After four years of trying to have a baby, trying to save money for in vitro fertilization, becoming licensed foster parents, and right before God opened the door for a new job almost 16 hours away from our family, God answered our prayers.

In a second, everything was different. My wife was pregnant! Just a few short months later, our sweet baby came into this world, and guess who some of the first people we told were? Our small group. They were the ones who carried the burden and pain when we could no longer manage it alone, and they were the ones we celebrated with the most!

So what are you up against today? If you feel alone, just know this couldn’t be further from the truth because Christ walks with us every step of the way and strategically places people in our lives for a reason. Any moment of pain we experience, we’re not the first nor will we be the last. But we have a savior who is close to our hearts in our darkest moments. Since we have this truth to hold on to, we can be the ones who point people to someone greater than their heartbreak, someone who can carry them through and even bring purpose to their pain. His name is Jesus.

Our pain is our testimony. It’s our story of God’s faithfulness. And through the pain, we can trust in God knowing He loves us, He is with us, and He is truly more than enough.