Read Hebrews: 11:11-12

There are moments in all of our lives when the situation just looks bleak. We can’t possibly think of a way that things are going to end up going okay. Whether it is a sickness, losing a loved one, financial troubles, not being able to have a child, family trouble, or whatever it is, it can be heart wrenching to go through dark times in our lives.

Sarah desperately wanted a child, but she wasn’t able to have children. Her situation looked bleak, but she trusted in God that He would be faithful in His promises. No matter how bleak the situation looks, we can be comforted in the fact that, no matter what, God is faithful to us…no matter what the circumstances or ramifications.

God doesn’t promise us that everything is going to work out the way we want it to, but He does promise us that He is faithful to us and will be there for us. True faith is trusting and hoping in Him even when things aren’t the way we wanted them to be.


Today’s Reading: Romans 4]]>