“And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus…” Philippians 4:19 Why do people go on cruises? Certainly it’s not because the person who cleans your room rolls your towel in the shape of an octopus and irons your pillow case, bath robe and slippers every time you inhale. No! The reason you go on a cruise is the food; the all-you-can-eat-three-entrees-seventeen-sides-five-deserts-and-a- little-moist-towelette-on-top food! When you hear people talking about their cruise, they usually say something like this, “Well, the room was the size of a dehydrated pea and we had to sit with this guy named Ted Kaczynski who kept talking about politics, but man that crab cake…whew! It was amazing!” Everyone knows that the reason you go on a cruise is the food. Imagine how crazy it would be for someone to go on a cruise and spend the whole time stock piling food in their room just in case… there’s no sense in it! You can have anything you want to eat just about any time you want it, so why go to all the trouble? Isn’t this how some of us are living each day? For fear of not having enough tomorrow – which is not guaranteed to come for any of us anyway – we stock pile today. The God we serve has access to every last resource we could ever possibly need (Psalm 24:1). He has invited us to a feast, yet we stop at McDonald’s on the way just in case… Philippians 4:19 promises us that God will meet all our needs according to His glorious riches. He’s got your back if you follow Him! Don’t worry, He’s got more and He’s a generous God!]]>