SPIRITUAL TIP – Worry and Fear Read Psalm 56:2-4. These verses teach us how to face the “what if’s” of fear. – What things hold you back from acknowledging your fears and putting your full trust in God? – How different could your life be if you put your full trust in God and seek Him daily?


Commit to God that you will put your full trust in Him to help you overcome the fears in your life.

HEALTH TIP – Become a Label Detective

Watch out for Calorie “Bombs”. Sometimes we consume more calories from hidden foods known as Calorie Bombs. For example: say you are trying to lose weight, so you opt for a salad at a fast food chain for lunch. Did you that a Caesar Salad can easily contain more than 800 calories and 30 grams of fat. Unfortunately, tremendous amounts of calories can lurk in sauces, dressings, restaurant foods and all sorts of pre-packaged products (even the healthy looking ones). Your 14th Goal – KNOW what you are eating. When you cook a meal, carefully go over the labels and read every ingredient looking for the total calories, fat in grams, protein, sugars, sodium and fiber. Try to eat or buy more foods that are higher in protein and fiber while being low in sugars and fats.

HOME TIP – Plan Weekly Meals

To eat healthier and avoid the fast food temptation, try to plan out a week’s worth of evening meals and purchase all the necessary ingredients before the start of the week. By doing this, you will avoid the temptation to eat out simply because nobody had a plan for dinner after practice or one of the other weekly activities your family is part of. ]]>