There are a multitude of reasons why we don’t share about Jesus with our friends. We might be scared of being rejected, scared of ruining our friendships, or scared that we don’t have enough answers for them.
Perhaps we’ve even tried to share our faith once or twice in the past, but found that it was just too hard or awkward, so we’ve since given up. When we find ourselves in ruts like these, it’s sometimes good to look at our motivation for sharing in the first place. Archbishop Justin Webly recently said: “A commitment to sharing about Jesus … comes out of love, not out of fear. It comes out of obedience to Christ, not out of a concern at the latest figures on church attendance.” You see, sharing our faith was never supposed to be this burden that we do out of fear or obligation. Instead, Jesus wants us to share out of our love for him and our compassion for others. When we allow the love of God to grow within us, dying to our old self and receiving new life, it automatically flows out to everyone around us too! Next time you find yourself in a rut, focus on loving the person whom God’s spirit is prompting you to share His story with. We just never know what God might already be doing in the lives of the people around us. But we can re-set our minds so that we are available for Him to use us whenever He needs us. So as we draw to the close of this plan and consider the incredible calling of sharing Jesus with those around us, begin to ask yourself “what are the reasons I should share?” and you will find that the love of Jesus will stir within you and completely overcome our fears and obstacles to sharing.