Read: John 11:33-36

I’m not a very emotional person. So much so that I actually get made fun of by being called “the robot” at work.  However, emotions can be a good thing that God has created in us.  My danger is constantly answering “Good!” anytime anyone asks how I’m doing?  Most people hide behind the “I’m fine” mask every day.  I personally have to work more on thinking about my feelings and as I’ve learned as a husband and father, even more so the feelings of others.

We all fall into this trap. We don’t want to appear weak or burden people with our emotions. Sometimes we’re afraid to feel the full weight of our emotions for fear they will consume us. But Jesus shows us a different way.

When Jesus falls with his face to the ground in the Garden of Gethsemane, he brings the full weight of his emotions to God in fervent prayer. He was “sorrowful and troubled,” and “grieved to the point of death.” (Matt. 36:37-38)  Is this what perfection looks like? Sorrow to the point of weeping? Troubled to the point of sweating blood? Grief to the point of death?  These are deep emotions that are uncommonly found even amongst our closest friends, yet, Jesus’ weakness perfectly reveals God’s strength. Jesus shows us that embracing emotions actually leads us to ultimate submission and obedience to the Father.

The world wants us to be strong and have it all together; but, as we look at the life of Jesus, he shows us that true strength lies in embracing our emotions, bringing them to the Father, and letting them lead us to obey the Lord in whatever he asks of us.

Reflect and Discuss

1.  What emotions are you hiding behind your “I’m good” mask?

2.  What emotions do you need to bring to the Father so that they may lead you to look more like Jesus?


Lord, help me to bring my emotions to you—no matter how weighty and deep they feel. I repent of the times I have relied on my own strength and ignored my emotions in order to appear like I have it all together. Help me to embrace my emotions with you so that I may be brought to unhindered obedience in all that I do.