“All I know is, I was blind, but now I see…” – John 9:25 John 9 describes Jesus healing a man who was born blind. Jesus spits in the dirt to make mud, and then rubs the mud on the blind guy’s eyes. Then, Jesus tells him that if he goes to a pool of water in Siloam and washes his face, he will see! What Jesus failed to tell the blind man was that as he would have to walk down the road with mud all over his face, all the people he would pass would have no idea what he was doing! In order to achieve the vision that Jesus promised, the man had had to walk blindly and endure the questions and insults from the people who thought they saw what was really going on! The difficult thing about following the vision that God gives you is that most of the time people don’t get it! They look at your decision to start that new business, give up that life style, or give that much money to a church and they wonder whether you’ve gone crazy. The hard part is that you might feel like you’ve gone crazy too; you might feel blind! We believe that in this season of your life you will be called to a vision that is beyond your field of vision. When it comes, don’t give up! Keep walking to Siloam. When the miracle has occurred in your marriage, when you’ve kicked that addiction, when – because of your faithfulness – you’ve seen tremendous blessings poured out in your business you will have your proof. You’ll understand the full meaning of this man’s words, “I was blind, but now I see.” Prayer: Lord, give me the strength to push forward though the resistance I’m feeling. I trust you and I believe that the end result will be proof enough of your work in my life.]]>