Matthew 13:44-58 Read the New Testament in a Year: Acts 19:23-41 Some people are desperately searching and then find Jesus. Others, like me, almost stumble into finding him. But once you have found the treasure it is worth giving up everything else. In between the parable of the weeds and the parable of the net, Jesus tells two very short parables (vv.44–46). The only difference between the two parables is that in one case the person was actively searching (v.45) and in the other he seemed to stumble across it (v.44). In both, there is something of enormous value (‘treasure’ v.44, ‘fine pearls’ v.45). In both cases it was worth selling everything to get it (vv.44,46). This is where true ‘joy’ (v.44), real ‘treasure’ (v.44) and ‘great value’ (v.46) are to be found. The kingdom of heaven is all about knowing the King. It is all about Jesus and how you respond to him. When you look at all the evil in the world, do you ever wonder why God does not deal with it straight away and get rid of it? In the parable of the weeds the servant wants to pull up the weeds, but his master refuses (vv.28–29). A judgment will come (vv.36–43,47–50). He warns about the fate of those who cause sin and all who do evil (vv.41,49–50). He says of the weeds that God will ‘pitch them in the trash’ (v.41, MSG) and that he will ‘cull the bad fish and throw them in the garbage’ (vv.49–50, MSG). He promises on that day that you ‘the righteous’ (made right with God through Jesus) ‘will shine like the sun in the kingdom of [your] Father’ (v.43). It is your relationship with God that causes you to shine and it means that one day you will shine like the sun in the kingdom of God. But God won’t allow the destruction of all that is evil yet. He wants to gather all the wheat into his barn. He deliberately allows a delay until ‘the end of the age’ (v.39), so that more people have time to respond to the good news about Jesus.]]>