Read: Acts 27:25

When we experience a setback, we tend to focus on the wrong things. We may look at our bank account. Or we focus on what others are doing. We put our attention on what we can see instead of the unseen work God is doing in our lives.  God says that when everything in life is falling apart, we need to remember that his promises can be trusted. The Bible tells us, “Not a single one of all the good promises the Lord had given to the family of Israel was left unfulfilled; everything he had spoken came true” (Joshua 21:45).  When you can’t count on anything else, you can count on the promises of God.

That’s what Paul told his shipmates when they were being battered by a storm in Acts 27. All looked lost. But God had told Paul that they all would be safe. Paul trusted God and told the others with faith.  His boat was better because he was on it. Paul didn’t place his faith in the ship or the captain. Paul trusted God.  That boat wasn’t going to last forever. Paul understood that—and more importantly, he knew the promises of God would last.  Are you trying to put your trust in some kind of a little lifeboat? For instance, you may be relying on your positive personality. You’re sure that you can get through anything because your charisma will shine through.  Maybe you’re depending on your looks. You think they’ve always been the key to your success, and you can lean on them when troubles hit.  Maybe you’re counting on your money. You plan to buy yourself out of whatever problems you face.  But all of those fragile, little lifeboats won’t last forever. They may seem reliable, but they aren’t. The only safe place to be in the middle of a storm is directly in the center of God’s will.

Just ask Paul. Acts 27 ends with an incredible comeback—the Bible says, “everyone escaped safely to shore” (Acts 27:44). God’s promises came true and everyone was safe.  When you lean on God’s promises during a storm, you won’t be the only one who is rescued.  God just might save your whole ship.