Read: Romans 12:17-21 & Luke 6:27-36

When was the last time someone hurt you? Cut you off in traffic? Lied to get ahead of you at work? Or, offended you with a thoughtless comment? If you’ve lived for any amount of time, you’ve probably experienced at least one of these scenarios. What’s hard to admit is how we reacted. It’s natural to want to lash out at anyone who gets in our way or puts us down. If someone lies to us or about us, our first response is usually to get even. But in Romans 12:17-19, Paul encourages us to do the opposite. As Christians, we are called to live above the influence. We are called to kill the part of us that wants to rise up and take control when someone wrongs us. We are supposed to “live peaceably” and “do what is honorable in the sight of all.” Those who wrong us will be judged but not by us. If we are honest with ourselves, we make terrible judges. God is always in control, and one day our heavenly Father will settle the score for us. So the next time someone crosses you, resolve to love them back and let God take care of the punishment. No matter how hard it may be.]]>