Read: 1 Corinthians 13:1-13

We have all heard various phrases about opposites such as, “that’s like oil and water.” Lust and love are polar opposites, much like oil and water. The origin of lust is our own self. Love, on the other hand, not only comes from God, it is God.

When we lust we are moving in the opposite direction of God. Take sexual sin for a man as an example. We take a woman and reduce her to an image or object. We depersonalize her for our selfish consumption. A loving behavior is to expand her by seeing her as God’s child, a wife, mother, and friend. Love expands who she is. Lust reduces her.

It’s always good to remember that lust focuses on me, while love focuses on God and others. Love expands my life and relationships both vertically and horizontally. Lust reduces everything back to my own selfish desires.  Read the passage above and replace the word “love” with your name each time. Would others say the same thing about you?