Read: Nehemiah 5:16-19 Nehemiah worked alongside the people as the wall was being built. Not only did he refuse to benefit from the allowances given to him as governor, but he also did not use any loopholes to purchase property. His goal was to complete the wall, and he kept that task in the forefront of his mind. The people who worked for him saw his steadfastness and emulated him. As Nehemiah prays, he asks God to remember the good that he has done and to bless him for it. Our knowledge of and our ability to explain God’s Word matters little to the world that watches us. What truly matters is how we live our lives. Are we generous? Honest? Compassionate? Humble? Do our lives represent a page of Scripture? Nehemiah’s respect for God’s laws would not allow him to request his rightful food allowance and burden the people with that cost. How could business leaders adopt Nehemiah’s approach? Pray: Lord, make me a blessing to someone today.]]>