Read: Nehemiah 6:5-9 It becomes terribly frustrating when you are constantly being dogged by your enemies. In one instance, it is insults. In another, it is petty skirmishes and in yet another, it is lies, deceit and intimidation. Many of us would crack under such relentless personal and physical attack. Nehemiah, however, holds fast. God has given him the gift of discernment and he can spot deception a mile away. Nehemiah does not fall for the intimidating tactics of his enemies. He recognizes them for what they are, and as is his practice, goes to God in prayer, appealing to God for strength. Nehemiah needs strength for the physical task of building the wall. What are some other reasons he might need strength? Deceit is pandemic in our society. Speak out against it when it occurs, knowing that God’s power will back you up. Pray: Lord, let me be prudent in my response to those who attack my credibility.]]>