Luke 17:11-19 Has your family ever done the clichéd Thanksgiving family tradition of going around the table saying what you were thankful for? It’s uncomfortable for most us because we aren’t used to being thankful. Sure, we will say “thanks” when someone does something for us, but we’re typically not really thankful. We just know that people will think we are rude if we don’t say thank…or, we are still afraid our mother is behind us ready to yell at us if we don’t say it! All of us have plenty of things to be thankful for. But, even more than that, we all have people in our lives we should be thankful for. Maybe it’s your parent who is always willing to watch the kids when you are in a bind, the friend who is always there when you need them, the coworker who always has your back when your struggling, or that person who is always praying for you when you are going through tough time. Maybe its your family, maybe friends, people you go to church with, or even your kids. Sure, people can be a pain sometime, but those people are also the ones who God has put in your life to lean on. We’re plagued by being unthankful for the people in our life and never saying, and truly meaning, that we are thankful for those people in our life. As we hit Thanksgiving this week, take time to appreciate the people God has put in your life, and make sure you say thanks!]]>