Parts Of The Body1

Read: 1 Corinthians 12:12-27

Down to the cellular level, the body is characterized by intricate diversity. Every person is a composite of different cells, tissues, and organs that were designed to work together in perfect unity. Most of us take these collaborative workings for granted as long as they are all functioning properly. But, as we all know, this is not always the case with the human body.  It is usually in those seasons when one part is injured or unwell that we recognize the significance of the parts and the whole. We pay little mind to the necessity of even the smallest part until it is no longer fulfilling its role. For example, who ever gives a thought to their cuticles until they get a vicious hangnail? While reflecting on these physical realities, consider the fact that the Church is called the body of Christ. The Church cannot continue healthy functioning without each part fulfilling its role. God designed you with gifts and abilities to fulfill a role in the body.  Whether your role is to teach theology or three-year olds, hold doors or hold babies, the church body needs each part. Know that you belong and your role is of vital importance because the God who unifies the body designed you to play your role in it. At the same time, each member should remember it cannot sustain itself without the others.  Thank God for the diversity of the body and for the role He has designed for each member of it.]]>