Acts 6:1-7 On Halloween a few year ago, a C3’er heard about budget cuts that would cause the Secret Santa program in Lawrence County to be shut down. He knew that he needed to step up and make sure that kids in the county who wouldn’t have a Christmas without the program wouldn’t go without around the holidays. Many of us rallied together to bring the program back and do something great in our community. To this day, some of my favorite memories and best experiences come from the first year of Secret Santa. Sometimes, we find that when we are trying to be a blessing to other people by serving them, God actually uses it to bless us. At C3, it doesn’t matter what your role is, if you are doing what God has asked you to do, you play a huge part in what God is doing in our community. We all get to celebrate the amazing things that He is doing in our lives and in our church together.  When we are willing to serve, we typically get to be involved in something greater than we could have ever imagined on our own. READ THROUGH THE NEW TESTAMENT Today’s Reading: Mark 10]]>