Luke 10:30-37 I don’t know anything about classical music…unless you consider classic rock classic music! However, I do know who Beethoven was. Did you know that Beethoven’s piano teacher criticized his playing technique and called him hopeless as a composer?  While those words could have been completely devastating to most people in his situation, he used what was meant to be negative toward him and used it to do something great. Beethoven’s teacher must have been shocked when Beethoven gained notoriety. He probably couldn’t have believed that a composer with so little potential could become so great. The great thing about God is that He loves to use people and situations that no one believes He could use to pull off His greatest feats. He wants to show us how powerful He is, how much control He has, and all He can do by using people to do His will who probably have no business at all doing those things. That’s good news for us because we’re mostly screw ups. Despite who we are, God still wants to and will use us to do incredible things for Him. We just have to be willing to allow Him to use us. READ THROUGH THE NEW TESTAMENT Today’s Reading: Mark 11]]>