Mark 12:41-44 Have you ever done something small for someone that meant a lot to them?  It really wasn’t a big deal for you to do, but, to them, it was like you gave them a million dollars. Or, has someone ever done something that, in reality, they didn’t care at all to do, but it helped you out when you really needed it. One man’s trash, another man’s treasure works with what we do for other people as well. Something that is fairly meaningless to you can make a huge impact on someone else. The same thing can be true about being a part of a church like C3. Sometimes doing something small can make a big difference in helping the church impact people. Even the simplest things you can do to serve can make a huge difference in someone else’s life without you even realizing it. What is something small you can do (prayer, physical work, inviting a friend) that can have a big effect on someone’s life? READ THROUGH THE NEW TESTAMENT Today’s Reading: Mark 14]]>