Discipleship is an ongoing, ever-evolving process. “Shift Work” is about making critical changes towards spiritual growth. We continually mature in Christ and as we do, our old self–our natural sin-flled self–sloughs of.

The Fourth Shift we need to make to live life to the fullest measure is to get rid of the junk that hinders our service and get serious about discovering and using our spiritual gifts..

Read through these statements and questions and reflect on each one. In your journal or notebook, record any thoughts or scripture verses that speak to you.

Paul talks about walking worthy of Christ. In your own words define the word “worthy.”

Looking at the three characteristic clusters Paul mentioned–humility and gentleness; patience and love: and eagerness for unity–which (if any) values do you struggle with?

What shifts do you need to make in your life to adopt these values? You have been gifted by God! List one or two of your spiritual gifts. How might you use these gifts to serve Christ and His kingdom? What would it look like to live your life to the fullest measure?

We all have to “clean house” from time to time and get rid of the old stuff that hinders us from putting on the “new self.” What hindrances need to be trashed in your life?

Using the APEST model as an example, which ministry strength(s) best describes you? Do you see yourself as one of the five … because you are?