Read through the Gospels in a Year: Luke 11:29-36
Read the New Testament in a Year: 2 Thessalonians 1:1-7

The crowd kept demanding a sign from Jesus to authenticate His claims that He was sent from God and in fact, the Son of God.

Their demand was really two-fold. They wanted Jesus to give them a sign to prove that His power to cast out evil spirits came from God and not from Satan. Can you see how evil this is? They had concluded wrongly that all the miracles Jesus had done…Feeding the 5000, walking on water, healing the sick, the deaf, the mute, the lame, and the dead, all happened through the power of Satan, not through the power of God. This is probably the pinnacle of evil and sin. They saw the Son of God perform a miracle and they gave Satan credit.

Jesus had reasoned with this crowd. He tried to explain that this is impossible because every kingdom that is divided will fall. He said why would Satan cast out demons? His explanation fell on deaf ears.

They had seen the miracles for themselves, with their own eyes and their conclusion was not to glorify God but, in a sense, glorify Satan. How many amazing things have you witnessed in your life yet you continue not to glorify God?