Read: Romans 12:16

The Bible says in Romans 12:16, “Don’t try to act important but enjoy the company of ordinary people. (That’s what a small group is. Just a bunch of ordinary people). And don’t think you know it all!” Nothing ruins a small group faster than one person in the group being a Bible scholar who claims to have all the answers. Humility means being teachable. You can learn from anybody if you just know the right questions. Everybody in a small group can teach you something.

A renowned doctor made the statement that “75% of the people who come to me are more ill on the inside of their being than they are physically ill.”  Would you agree that we live in a sea of wounded, hurting people?  What are some common hurts that you see people dealing with around you?

Read James 5:16 “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed.”

a)  What two things are we told to do in this verse?

b)  What does it say will be the result? [you may be healed]

c)  How do you think we can practice this in your small group

Praying in a small group is being humble before God and others.

Remember: Prayer is an expression of your growing love relationship with God. Begin from where you are. Talk to God just as you are. Now that’s being

If groups pray as a whole, be certain that there are few enough people to hear each other clearly and “agree with one another” in prayer. When the group divides into smaller groups, be certain that at least 3 people (no less) are in each group and that at least one of the group is a believer who feels comfortable praying.  People who do not wish to pray may simply listen or pray silently.

Each week be ready to pray as a group immediately when anyone shares a deep concern or need.  Stop whatever you are doing and take a few minutes to pray for that person. This communicates genuine concern and ensures that the person’s burden will not be forgotten.

Someone has said: “Everybody has a hurt and everybody has a dream”. Let’s end our meeting in prayer and allow the Lord Jesus to use this time to bring healing into our lives.  Remember, He has promised to be with us whenever we gather together in His name.