Psalm 126:2-3 Making time to spend time together with your family is the foundation of building relationships. Dr. Jim A. Talley says, “Relationships go up when you spend conflict-free time together.” Implementing a regular family night is a great way to keep that foundation intact — and to simply enjoy being together. With all the sports, extracurricular activities, school and church functions — and more — that we pack into our busy lives these days, time easily slips away from us. If we’re not intentional about putting family time on the schedule, chances are, it won’t happen. And as time goes by, everyone in the family will eventually become so used to doing their own thing that then family time together just feels awkward. Don’t let that happen in your family. Be intentional about making regular family time a priority. Eat together. Play games together. Laugh and have a good time. Do something together as a family. And be sure you choose things that are fun for everybody. Make fun memories together — as a family.  In our home, we try to play a mini soccer game in the back room, have a wrestling match or anything that we can all laugh about.  We figure some broken decorations is worth a family that isn’t. “Teenagers don’t rebel against authority; they rebel against a lack of relationship.” —Greg C. Gunn]]>