Everyone wants to be a part of a great family. Talk to your kids about what it is that makes your family unique, special, and great. Reminisce often about fun times you’ve had together. Recount the stories about funny things that have happened. Tell your children about specific times that they made you proud because of their great attitude, their achievements — or for any other reason. Regularly encourage everyone to share their dreams and ideas with the family. Then cheerlead for them. Demonstrate for your family how we can be excited for one another about all of the amazing possibilities the future holds for each of us. Talk together about how God has answered your family’s prayers. Constantly remind your kids that God created each of them in His image, and talk with them about how God put them in their family — this specific family — for a special purpose. Your children will gain confidence knowing that they’re part of a great family, serving a great God! It may sound cheesy, but in our home with Johnda and I, we try to at every opportunity, every time something happens, something great, something funny, something exciting, or even just a pleasant evening at home, say: “WE HAVE THE GREATEST FAMILY IN THE WORLD!”