Read: Matthew 25:31-40 With Black Friday, we see stress, rushing, and getting as much as possible all around us.  But what if we flipped that idea and focused on how well we could serve others together.  Intentionally creating great memories together as a family can be a constant source of joy, building confidence and values into each member of your family. Work to create a family environment that your family is proud to be a part of. Teach them great character by being a family that serves others together. This doesn’t have to be complicated. As just one example, you could take your family to the dollar store and let your kids pick out 10-20 pairs of socks, small toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes, and some snacks. Then together as a family, make 10-20 little care packages and head downtown. When you find people in need, offer them a care package and ask if you can pray with them. Your family could volunteer for community service, serve at church, visit the elderly in a retirement community, or take all of their trick-or-treat candy to the children in a hospital. Whatever you choose, do it together, and give your kids every opportunity to see you serving others with joy. They’ll understand intuitively the things that you value as a family. The great memories you create together will become a permanent part of them, and you’ll see them living out the Word of God in their own lives.