Emotional exhaustion isn’t new. Just read the book of Lamentations. Jeremiah wrote it after Jerusalem had been captured and the Israelites were sent into exile. Everything Jeremiah held sacred had been destroyed.  He was emotionally exhausted, and throughout the book of Lamentations, Jeremiah expresses his frustrations, sadness, and anger to God.  But as he’s complaining, Jeremiah starts to refocus on God. He writes, “Yet I still dare to hope when I remember this” (Lamentations 3:21).

What brought Jeremiah hope during this extremely difficult time?  The Lord’s kindness that never fails!

Jeremiah refocused on five truths about God that helped him refuel.

    • God’s Steadfast love
    • God’s Unfailing mercy
    • God’s Great faithfulness
    • God is Always kind
    • God is my Real hope

When life overwhelms you, don’t focus on your problems. Don’t give in to despair. Focus your attention on God.  The acronym above will help you remember the kind of SUGAR you need in order to refuel. I’m not talking about the whole pie that you ate yesterday in backyard for Memorial Day either.  You won’t get a sugar high through it. It won’t make you gain weight. It won’t make you more depressed.  When you believe in the reality of God’s love, mercy, faithfulness, kindness, and offer of real hope, you’ll be prepared for whatever setback comes your way.