Read: Isaiah 62:5 & Revelation 19:7 & Revelation 21:2

Of all the examples God uses to explain Christ’s relationship to the Church, the image of a groom and his bride is surely the most tender, meaningful one. The church is the bride of Christ, and Jesus is the bridegroom. They are betrothed to be married, and in this great romance, Christ the hero sacrifices everything to save His beloved. Jesus fights for His bride while living on Earth, gives His life for her, and resurrects from the dead so nothing can ever separate them. The bride is precious to Christ. She is His. Jesus’s love for her is selfless and complete, and the Church’s response is loving and submissive. Christ conquered all to have us, and we gladly receive Him. All believers are God’s Church. I am, and you are, the Church. The Church is not a building or human institution. She is a living, breathing collection of the people of God, created and ordained to exist by the Creator of the universe. We are bought by God, ransomed from darkness, and redeemed in order to live with and glorify God. There is no greater calling and no higher thing for which to aspire. Let us rejoice to be Christ’s bride.]]>