Read: Acts 12:5-11

Sometimes, it’s really easy to identify with Peter. In Mark 14, Jesus tells Peter that he will deny Jesus three times in one night. Peter couldn’t imagine denying His Savior. But as the evening unfolds, Peter does indeed deny Christ. Sometimes we think we’ll never fall into temptation or have a weak moment, and then we do. Peter is human, and he was scared. When he realizes his mistake, he breaks down and cries. We know from reading Acts that Peter never made the same mistake again. After Jesus’s death, he went on proclaiming Jesus as Lord and Savior. He became the rock on which Christ built His church (Matthew 16:18). The once fearful Peter was leading the early church and teaching about Jesus, neither of which were safe tasks. James was put to death for his faith. Then Peter was sent to prison. Peter was to be prosecuted before the Jews, but the “church was earnestly praying to God for him.” No matter where we’ve been or who we become, we never stop needing the support of the local church. The church interceded for Peter, and God answered their prayers in a big way. Peter experienced a miraculous escape from prison. Do we believe God will hear our prayers when we come together as a church? The church played an important role in Peter’s escape. The church prayed. May we be encouraged to do the same, believing that God will answer in a miraculous way.]]>